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Why Are We Different?

Your voice goes directly to the manufacturer.

We understand contractors and builders don't want any complicated gadgets on a job site. Beiter is a true manufacturing factory, which means if you have an opinion for us to improve, it goes directly to our engineers, we will make the change happen. No middle sales and marketing parties are involved.  All Beiter laser levels, surveying instrument and accessories are designed and made by our experienced engineers for your easiest operation.

Bold Design

Beiter laser levels are protected with highly resistant TPE housing to minimize damages from hits, falls, splash and dust.


Private Label? If you are in hardware and tools supply business, looking for a prestigious factory to complete your laser levels and tools range, talk to us. Our engineering team can provide OEM and ODM solutions for your business need. 

Beiter Warranty

All BEITER laser levels are guaranteed by 12 months manufacturing warranty.

Calibrations can be done quickly by authorized Beiter distributors.